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Actual surveillance is seldom necessary. The belief or even just the presentiment of being observed is often enough to influence people in their behaviour – sometimes to the point of self-censorship.


OPTIKUM reflects this issue physically. The work first appears as a mirrored hexagonal column. Only when a visitor activates the installation by entering it, the walls of the prism change and reveal its true nature: OPTIKUM is build out of one-way glass . This creates an opaque mirror cabinet on the inside, while the visitor is simultaneously and often unknowingly "exhibited" clearly visible to all surrounding observers.


Inside OPTIKUM, participants can interact with an audio-visual essay that confronts them with their own sense of intimacy and paranoia. The visitors’ reaction becomes part of the work and contributes to raise the question of how the idea of being visible can affect us.

OPTIKUM outside view, inactive

OPTIKUM inside view

OPTIKUM outside view, active